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Copy Pro Traders – Cryptocurrency Social Trading

Copy Pro Traders - Cryptocurrency Social Trading

The cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile and exciting markets out there. With a lot of people looking to invest in it, copy trading can be a great way to start getting involved. But how does it work? And why should you care about copy trading rather than other investment strategies? In this blog post, we will answer all your questions, as well as give you an overview on how to get started with Copy Pro Traders!

Copy trading platforms, the new method to make bank in crypto?

Having a hard time getting results with your investments, why not turn to traders that are better and more experienced than you? Copy-trading platforms are a new and innovative way to make money in the cryptosphere.

The cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile and exciting markets out there. With a lot of people looking to invest, copy trading can be a great way to start getting involved. But how does it work? And why should you care about copy trading rather than other investment strategies? In this blog post, we will answer all your questions as well as give you an overview on how to get started with Copy Pro Traders! Let’s dive in…

Alright, what is copy trading exactly?

  • Copy trading is the process of copying trades that are made by other traders. This can be done with cryptocurrencies, stocks, or forex.
  • You set up a bot to make your trade decisions for you based on another trader’s performance so far. The idea here is that if this person has had success in making profitable trades then their predictions about future investments will most likely also yield results! So what does it take to get started and is it as complicated as it sounds?
  • Copy trading software automates buying and selling of crypto assets by copying the trades of successful traders.

copy pro traders on shrimpy is a new social trading platform that’s been around for less than two years now, but it already has quite the following!

The company was founded in 2017 by Travis Moore and their software supports many of the largest cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple XRP, and others. It also features daily reports on your performance so you know how well (or not) you’re doing at any given time.

What sets Shrimpy apart from other copy-trading platforms is its clean interface with support for mobile devices as well – very convenient if you trade while traveling or commuting to work/school! Another bonus worth mentioning here is all those cool chatbots they have that let you place trades without even doing anything else than write down the trades.

How does work?

The way it works is that you first need to deposit your fiat currency (USD, EUR, etc.) into the exchange. This part of the process might require some verification depending on where you live and what country’s laws are applicable in your case.

Once this has been done successfully, all trades can be made through Shrimpy – a copy trading platform with bots that will take care of executing all orders by themselves! You’ll receive an email notification when a trade is completed or if there’s any news about cryptocurrencies related to the ones you’re following. Additionally, once per week, they send out their ‘Performance Report’ for tracking purposes so traders know how well they’ve done at different periods throughout time as well as how much money they have earned or lost.


How to copy pro traders on in 4 easy steps

Register at shrimpy to copy pro trade

  1. Register for an account on
  2. Connect your Binance (or another partner’d exchange) with your account through your Binance API.
  3. Choose an experienced trader with a good track record and a positive ROI who you would like to follow.
  4. Blast off, sit back and relax while everything is done 100% automatic.

Trades will be executed by arbitrage bots so there’s no need to worry about anything when following someone who is already doing well with their trades.

There are many benefits to copy trading cryptocurrencies; whether it’s because you don’t want to spend too much time analyzing charts or would rather find out how successful other people were first before investing yourself, this might be the strategy that fits best with what you’re looking for. Just make sure that whoever you choose has been doing well at making money

Why should I as a noob Copy pro traders?

You should always copy pro traders if you are a noob. Not only because they have skills, but rather because they have a positive ROI based on both skills and experience. Something you don’t.

How much does cost?

Shrimpy has three price plans.

  • Starter for $19/month
  • Professional for $79/month
  • Enterprise for $299/month

The starter option is more than enough for the newbie just getting in the game.

How stable is Shrimpy? is using AWS so they have the power to keep up with our customer’s needs and provide them with a seamless experience that you can’t find anywhere else on the market today

Yes, some of their features do use servers for optimal performance but this does not affect your interface whatsoever in any way shape, or form.

The only thing it does affect is if they happen to be having issues like everyone has occasionally where one server might go down across all plans (which doesn’t happen often) then those specific functions will either work slower or shut off completely until they’re back up again. But yet again even when these instances occur, most users won’t notice.

Is it safe to use

Yes, Shrimpy is a legitimate and trustworthy company that has been in the cryptocurrency space for over two years now.

One of their major goals is to provide traders with an excellent and secure trading experience that they can’t find anywhere else on the market today

Well, you don’t have to worry about your funds being deposited into an account because there isn’t one! All funds are stored securely offline protecting them from theft or hacking which means they never take possession of your money. You’re always in charge of it when using Shrimpy without having to give up control.

Yes, all trades will be executed by Shrimpy, not only those between yourself and other users but also those straight through exchanges as well so no matter where you want to trade just let them know.

Are trading bots legal?

Yes, trading bots are legal and used by many institutional and retail investors. Trading robots have been in use since the early 1990s when they were first introduced to Wall Street as a tool for managing investment portfolios more effectively than would be possible manually. Bots also offer an excellent way of automating trades through initial coin offerings (ICOs) which can help minimize losses or increase profits during high volatility periods

The US Securities Exchange Commission has confirmed that crypto trading bots will not violate securities laws if their purpose is only to execute pre-programmed commands without any human control over them.

Copy Pro Traders on

What is is a global investment platform that allows users to invest in digital currencies, stocks, and commodities within one portfolio

How does copy trading crypto work on

  1. Create a free account on the eToro cryptocurrency trading platform.
  2. Search for Copy Pro Traders and click to follow. You will then see funds being invested in real-time, even without opening any new tabs or windows.
  3. Copy trades as you please! The system is designed so that every trade can be copied automatically by simply clicking “copy” next to it from the list of copy traders available on your dashboard.”

How to start copy pro traders on

Register at etoro to copy pro trade

  1. Register a free account Here.
  2. Within your dashboard select “Copy people” and select “Crypto”
  3. Chose your pro trader
    Scroll down and select “Copy Pro Traders”. You will be able to view a list of traders, their trades, as well as the percentage profit you would have made if you had copied that trade at the time they did it.
    Simply click on any trader’s name in order to copy his/her current position and make use of their trading strategies!
  4. Add funds to your eToro account.
    Whenever you are done searching for pro traders it’s time to ad funds to your eToro account. You can do that by setting a currency, inputting the amount you want to invest, and clicking on “Buy”.
    -All investments made in USD are subject to a $25 minimum investment size.
    -Currency pairs can be traded with no lower limit other than your account balance at any given time.

No matter what path you take – whether it’s an online trading platform or blockchain technology – investing is always a risky business! But eToro offers some great features that make this experience less daunting for first-timers, including copy pro traders and social trading platforms. One of the most popular features among new investors has got to be copy pro traders feature from our dashboard interface: there’s really nothing more simple than copying someone else trade by simply with the click on the mouse.