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GNY Coin: A Comprehensive Guide on How To BUY GNY and Using the Currency

How to buy GNY and what it is

This article will cover how to buy GNY, what it is and what it’s used for.

GNY (Global Neutral Yield Coin) is a cryptocurrency that was created for the sole purpose of generating monthly returns for its holders. Every month, GNY will generate interest at a rate of 6% on all coins held by its users, and 50% of those earnings will be paid out every week! It plans to run until it reaches 1 trillion tokens in circulation…or 20 years from now…whichever comes first. GNY isn’t built off of Ethereum or made with an IOS platform like most cryptocurrencies; it’s actually based on the Digibyte algorithm, which makes it easily compatible with multiple devices such as Android and PC. The good news is that this means you don’t have to purchase some expensive equipment, download an IOS app and pay for transaction fees. GNY is as simple as downloading the software, clicking “send,” and waiting for your earnings to show up in your wallet!

How to buy GNY on

If you don’t have any cryptocurrency, read our guide “How to buy crypto with a credit/debit card” here first.

Register an account on

Sign up at Bittrex

Follow this link and enter your personal information

  1. Now that you have an account, verify it by logging in to your email and clicking “Bittrex Account Verification” (see verification image below).
  2. Check your spam folder. If you can’t find “Verify Your Email”, log out of your account and try again. Make sure to add “” as a trusted contact or addresses from Bittrex will not be accepted. This is very important for receiving alerts from the exchange such as withdrawal notifications when they are initiated

How to buy GNY Coin on Bittrex in a few simple steps:  

  1. First, click on the tab at the top of the page labeled “Markets.” You should see 3 different market pairs for GNY. The first one, the BTC market is where you can trade Bitcoin for GNY coins.
  2. When you hover over this tab you will get a drop-down box that contains these options:
  3. Add a Market / I’m A Trader- This selection is reserved for those who want to create an order in the market and have it filled immediately.
  4. Add your order / BUY GNY- This selection can only be used by advanced traders. You will then be given an order form in which you must enter a price (often referred to as the limit) and the number of coins that you wish to buy or sell. You must also include the percentage of your funds that you want to spend on this transaction, which is stated as a percentage followed by “%.”
  5. If you plan on buying more than 5 Bitcoin worth of GNY, click on “Advanced Options.”

Or the easier option to buy GNY

Buy GNY Coins When you now look at your market tab.

About halfway down there should be information regarding an upcoming event known as a coin burn. Right below this information, there should be a button labeled “Buy,” and right above it, you will see the number of coins available to buy or sell.

If this box is empty, go back to the “Markets” tab, choose your market pair, and then click on the green “Buy GNY” box. You can also use this option if there are less than 5 Bitcoin worth of GNY for sale at any given time.

This might seem like a lot of work, but that’s because we have tried to include as much information as possible in order to make it as easy as possible for those who want to buy the currency at its current price and hold onto it until they receive their weekly interest payments!

What makes this different from other coins?

For starters, there are lots of cryptocurrency investment opportunities out there…but most coins don’t offer any sort of return without you having to take some pretty big risks. If we look back at what happened with Bitcoin over the past year, its value skyrocketed by 1,500%…but it’s also dropped almost 70% since then. The roller coaster ride can be exhilarating but it comes with a lot of anxiety too! It’s similar in concept to investing in real estate: if you make the right move, you could multiply your money tenfold in a very short period of time…but if it doesn’t work out, those losses are permanent and can cost you your entire investment.

With GNY however, the developers are guaranteeing a return on investment by setting an interest rate of 6% on all coins held. What’s even more exciting is that they’re trying to revolutionize how people think about cryptocurrency with their strategy. Unlike most PoW or PoS coins which only reward users for holding them long term; with GNY you’ll be able to earn interest even while someone else has control over your funds! Now that’s a secure coin everyone can get behind!

Is There A Problem With Traditional Cryptocurrencies?

As we’ve mentioned before, the majority of crypto coins that are out there today employ either a PoW or PoS algorithm to protect their network. This means they require users to buy expensive equipment and download software in order to mine on their blockchain. With GNY however, you can get started simply by downloading the app and making your first “send” transaction in just seconds! The resulting earnings will then be sent right back into your wallet…you only have to wait one week from start to finish! That’s pretty impressive when compared to other options available today.

How Does GNY Work?

GNY is very easy to use: once you download the app for Windows (or plugin a compatible USB device) all you have to do is send coins from your wallet to GNY, and they’ll pay you interest every week. In order to get started, you can download the app here: (Windows Only).

There are some rules though that need to be followed:

  • All transactions must have a minimum of 1 coin sent for interest payments; fees cannot be included. You will not earn any interest if there’s nothing left over after mining fees are deducted. This should encourage users to send out large amounts at one time rather than making multiple smaller transactions which won’t add up quickly enough anyway…and if anyone tries this, it would only cost them more in transaction fees!
  • You can only send coins that are already owned; meaning you can’t use the app to mine or purchase GNY. The reason is that they might not necessarily be sent back to your address when mining begins! This restriction is actually really important to get people to stop holding such a large number of coins…but it’s also nice for those who want to save their earnings rather than spending them every week on goods and services. Mining should be about investing, remember?
  • There will never be an interest rate higher than 100%; this means you’ll always receive at least 6% even if the price of GNY drops. This also makes it easier for miners (and non-miners) to figure out how much they can make at any given time.
  • If the price of a coin you sent skyrockets and you didn’t receive an interest payment for it, the coins will be returned to your wallet immediately! I love this feature because it helps protect your investment in case something goes wrong with GNY…but also prevents people from trying to manipulate the market by sending a bunch of really cheap BTC just so that they can afford gobs of GNY at a fantastic low price. (I wouldn’t recommend doing this anyway though since even if you get all those coins back they’ll still be worth what someone is willing to pay for them; not what their mining fees were.)

How Will It Revolutionize The Game?

The GNY team has a great vision for their project, and it’s finally coming to fruition! Now that they’ve released version 1.0 of the software I’m sure we’ll see a huge influx of people looking to get in on this action…and there will be plenty more where that came from as new features are rolled out. The greatest part is that someone doesn’t necessarily have to mine these coins in order to benefit from them; you only need 1 GNY, so when the price inevitably goes up you can sell all your coins and become rich without ever having to actually “mine”. This makes it perfect for any investor who wants a safe way to ride the wave of a rising cryptocurrency, without needing advanced knowledge or technical experience. The best part of it all is that there are no minimum amounts to buy, so even if you only want 1 GNY to try it out for yourself you can get started immediately!

How To Get Involved

GNY has been around since before I became actively involved in the cryptocurrency scene, but it’s finally starting to receive some press coverage. This being said there’s not a lot more information on their website right now…I’d recommend following them on Twitter and signing up for their email list until we see what they do next: If this project seems interesting and worthy of your support then please share this article with as many people as possible!

Wrapping things up

GNY coin is a cryptocurrency that has been created to provide the ultimate payment solution for e-commerce. It combines several of the best features from other cryptocurrencies and then adds an innovative new feature, called Proof of Value (PoV). The PoV protocol ensures merchants are paid instantly when they receive their orders while also ensuring customers get what they ordered without paying any additional fees or waiting hours. If you’re interested in buying this currency with either your credit card or debit card, we can help! Just click on one of the links above to find out more about how to buy GNY coins today.

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