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How to buy Mir Coin (MIR) in 3 easy steps

How to buy Mir coin and what is it?

This Article covers how to buy Mir Coin (MIR), what it is, how to store, sell and trade them.

Mir Coin is a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for goods and services all around the world. It has fast, low-cost transactions that use proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus instead of wasteful mining. Mir Coin’s alternative implementation of Nxt supports an integrated Asset Exchange, Marketplace, Monetary System, and other features. This allows the currency to be highly adaptive to your needs!

How does Mir Coin work?

Mir Coin is two different coins, a Proof-of-Work (PoW) currency and a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) currency. These two work together in harmony to give Mir Coin the best of both worlds! The PoW/PoS paradigm shift was performed at Block 80,000 when the mining reward was reduced to 1 coin per block. This means that all blocks after this point only contain staking rewards. However, the original 100 million were pre-mined for development purposes and distributed to contributors during the funding period.

In order to be eligible for PoS staking rewards, you must own either 10,000 or more Mir Coins or possess an Active Stake. An Active Stake is obtained by actively supporting the network with an open, non-dust account.

Why should you buy Mir Coin?

Because Mir Coin will change the world! More specifically, by using Mir Coin for transactions, YOU will be changing the world and making it a better place to live in! Buy Mir Coins now before they’re worth more tomorrow! Also, if enough people use Mir Coin for everyday purchases and services instead of using traditional government fiat currencies (such as dollars), this could preclude governments from gaining any monetary control over their people. If everyone uses cryptocurrency like Mir Coin, then there is no need for central banking! This will help prevent governments from being able to regulate personal wealth or confiscate it through taxation or other means.

How can I get Mir Coins?

The easiest way to get Mir Coins is through an Exchange. An Exchange is a marketplace where people can set their own prices for Mir Coin and then other people buy and sell them there.

How to buy Mir Coin on Bithumb Global

Start with creating an account at Bithumb Global and add funds.


If you don’t have any crypto, read our guide “How to buy crypto with a debit/credit card“.

Then follow this simple list: 

  1. First, open Bithumb Global to purchase Mir Coin with your preferred currency: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Tether(USDT).
  2. Enter the amount of Mir Coin you want to buy and click “Buy Mir Coins”.
  3. Check the order details to make sure everything looks correct, then click “Confirm Buy” to complete your crypto transaction!

How to sell Mir Coin (MIR) on Bithumb Global

  1. Just log in and go to “Trading Zone”. Select MIR from the list of digital currencies available for trade and click “Sell Mir Coins”.
  2. Choose an amount of MIR coins that you wish to sell at a price per coin that is higher than the current offer price (recommended) and enter a password.
  3. The transaction will be completed once there is a matching buy order or if you manually fill in an order to complete the transaction with your desired price per coin.
  4. Your trade history will be available for viewing on the “Trading Zone” page after each successful exchange has been processed by our system. Please note that Bithumb Global charges 0% fees on all transactions, so keep this in mind when placing an offer!

How can I withdraw Mir Coins (MIR)?

Go to “Withdrawal Zone”. Choose MIR from the list of digital currencies available and click “Send MIR Coins”. Enter your withdrawal address and the number of coins you wish to withdraw.

Can I buy Mir Coins (MIR) with fiat currency (government money)?

Not currently but this is easily fixed by buying crypto with a credit or debit card

Mir Coin (MIR) software wallet

  1. Download the official Mir Coin wallet for your platform from Their Official Website here
  2. Go to “My Wallet” and press on “Create a New Mir Coin Wallet”.
  3. Enter your seed phrase and create a new password. Click on “Create”.
  4. Back up your wallet by going to “File”, then click on “Backup wallet”. Backup both the private key and plaintext recovery phrases. Store them in a safe place (such as physical paper or USB drive).

Hardware wallets – The safest way to store Mir Coins

There are many hardware wallets available on the market which support Mir Coin. Hardware wallets keep private keys safe from hackers and help users to sign off transactions with Mir Coin instead of typing a password each time. Myetherwallet is also compatible with the Mir Coin blockchain.

Send & receive payments using your new wallet! You can send payments to anyone you like by simply entering their address in the “To” field of the transaction details. We will soon release Smart Contracts on the Mir Coin Blockchain, so stay tuned for those details as well!

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Wrapping things up

It’s not just about the price and market cap. You should also be thinking about what you can do with your investment, how easy it is for you to buy, sell or store, and if there are any risks associated with buying Mir Coin that might impact its future value. We recommend using a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger Nano S as they provide excellent security against hacking attempts on your cryptocurrency wallets. Keep in mind that while these devices offer peace of mind when storing cryptocurrencies offline (and thus preventing hackers from taking anything), they do come at a cost – around $65 per device! If you’re looking to get started investing in crypto but don’t want to spend this type of money yet, you could use the free software wallet.

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