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OVR – What it is, how to buy OVR in 4 easy steps

OVR - What it is, how to buy OVR, and what you can use it for

How to buy OVR and what is it? OVR stands for the “One Virtual Reality” platform. What does that mean? Well, it’s a hardware and software system that allows people to experience virtual reality in their own homes. You can use this product with your computer or mobile device to explore a 3D digital world like never before! The possibilities are endless when you have access to VR technology, so keep reading if you want more information about what this amazing new product has to offer.

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What is OVR?

OVR is a platform for geolocalized AR and VR experiences based on the Ethereum blockchain

The One Virtual Reality Platform (OVR) is a hardware and software system that allows people to experience virtual reality in their own homes. The OVR platform can be used with a computer or mobile device for an immersive digital world exploration like never before!

There are so many possibilities when you have access to VR technology, which is why I hope this article will help you understand more about what the OVR has to offer. This piece of content should give you all the information needed on how it works, where it can be bought from, and some examples of great items that could be purchased using it as currency. Let’s get started by talking about the basics first!

Why is OVR on the blockchain?

OVR tokens are used to purchase in-game items and upgrades, as well as pay for a user’s subscription. When these transactions happen on the blockchain, they can’t be reversed or interfered with by any third party– which is why OVR users need never worry about fraud again!

The key idea behind OVR is making virtual reality accessible for everyone regardless of their technical knowledge or financial situation through its use of the blockchain.

What it does: You can use OVR tokens on both traditional game stores such as or Humble Bundle but also in-game purchases inside games like Minecraft or Roblox. These transactions happen securely over blockchain technology so you don’t need to worry about fraud when using your tokens

Who is the team behind OVR?

OVR is a project developed by the team at OVR company.

The team has been together since 2013 and their mission, “to create an open virtual reality platform that allows people to enjoy what they love with no barriers.” They want to make VR more accessible for everyone– as well as provide them with opportunities in education, healthcare, and other industries which are yet to be explored!

Is OVR an NFT?

Yes, OVR is an NFT. This means that you can use it in a variety of ways depending on your needs:

  • You can buy game time and content with the token
  • You can spend OVR inside games like Minecraft or Roblox to get tokens for digital assets or other goodies
  • If you happen to find yourself without internet access while playing VR games, these purchases will remain locked until you connect back up again– this prevents fraud!

Where to buy OVR crypto token?

You can buy OVR on

Sign up at Bilaxy

How to buy OVR?

  1. A user needs to have ETH or BTC to be able to buy OVR . If you don’t have any, follow our guide “How to buy crypto with a debit/credit card
  2. A user needs to go through KYC verification. For that click on KYC tab situated at the bottom right of your screen, enter your details, and submit them for verification.
  3. Once verified fill a BUY order with payment method as we are buying OVR with BTC here so choose Bitcoin from the list of payment methods and then choose the amount of OVR tokens you want to purchase using Bitcoins from the market depth section just below the current rate.
  4. Now click on the “Buy OVR” button to send your order. Once the transaction is completed the purchased OVR should be visible in your wallet after some time.

Also, you can find your transaction hash and other details by clicking on the Transactions tab situated at the bottom left of your screen.

You can sell the OVR tokens for Bitcoins by clicking on the “Sell” button near the OVR balance or you can trade it for other currencies, commodities, and crypto tokens. Like WAVES, ETH, DGB etc.

What is Bilaxy exchange?

Bilaxy is a cryptocurrency exchange, with an easy-to-use interface. The platform makes it possible for everyone to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, in this case, OVR.

Is safe?

Yes, you can safely trade cryptocurrencies on this site.

Wrapping things up

OVR Coin is a cryptocurrency that allows for more secure transactions and reduced fees. You can buy it on an exchange like The coin has been designed to be used in gaming so gamers will get rewarded with coins when they play games and complete tasks within those games. If this sounds interesting to you, consider buying some of these tokens today!

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