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How to Buy PepeCoin (MEME) And A Full Introduction

How to Buy PepeCoin (MEME) And A Full Introduction to Memetic

How to buy Pepecoin(MEME)? Have you only recently learned about Memetic (MEME) and want a full in-depth introduction into what it is and how to buy it? Well, we have the perfect article for you! This article will be an all-inclusive guide on everything related to Memetic. We’ll discuss where it came from, why there’s so much hype around this new currency, how one can purchase MEME tokens, and more.

What is Memetic PepeCoin (MEME)?

Memetic and PepeCoin [MEME] is a Proof of Stake and Proof of Work hybrid cryptocurrency platform for the Kekdaq decentralized Meme hashing exchange and IPFS meme storage platform.

Why is Memetic PepeCoin (MEME) a big deal?

Pepecoin, or MEME, has been generating quite the buzz lately. Originally launched in December of 2017 as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, it grew quickly to be one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap to later fell off. At the time of writing 2021-06-30, PepeCoin (MEME) is currently ranked #1485 with a market volume of $1500.

How do I buy Memetic Pepecoins?

First, we need to buy some BTC with our Credit/Debit Card (or bank transfer) at either,, or If you don’t know how to purchase crypto, feel free to read our guide here.

Once we have BTC in our account we need to send it over to one of the exchanges which are currently trading PepeCoin (MEME) so that we can trade for (MEME). This choice is fairly easy since it’s only one crypto exchange selling PepeCoin (MEME) at the moment.

How to buy PepeCoin on

Sign up at Bittrex

  1. Deposit your cryptocurrency by clicking on the “Deposit” link and a pop-up will show.
  2. Select which currency you want to deposit (would recommend BTC/ETH or USDT) and copy your Bittrex wallet address and paste it in the sending tab where you store your cryptocurrency.
  3. When your funds have reached Bittrex you simply click on ʺTradingʺ from the top menu bar and then select either BTC or ETH. You need to have one of these two currencies in your account before you can proceed any further with trading for MEME tokens.
  4. From here, click on the Markets tab which is located just below TradingView at the top left corner, next search for PepeCoin (MEME) by typing it into the Search Bar that appears after clicking Markets.
  5. This will bring up a list of different markets where you are able to purchase Pepecoins with either BTC/ETC or USDT. After selecting the market you want to trade on, it will bring up a list of buy and sell orders. You can then enter in how many Pepecoins (MEME) or US dollars you would like to buy/spend depending on which side of the order book you are trading from. Simply click Sell if you wish to buy Pepecoins with your selected trading pair.

Memetic PepeCoin Team

PepeCoin was created from Memetic a team of intelligent, experienced, and dedicated developers who have a track record of success in blockchain development. Memetic is working on the project full-time without any outside funding or input as they believe that it is one of their most important projects to date.

MEME was created from MEME which stands for “meme currency” PepeCoin (MEME) has been trending more than ever after its recent addition to CoinMarketCap – a well-known cryptocurrency price tracker site.

Within hours of being listed on CMC, PepeCoin had already reached #91 out of all cryptocurrencies by market cap with $14 million USD worth currently in circulation at the time of writing ($0.03 per coin). It has since fallen off a bit.

PepeCoin (MEME) Price Prediction

PepeCoin is a meme-based cryptocurrency that was created in December of 2017 by Matt Furie. PepeCoin is the first meme coin, and it has been described as “the internet’s most valuable joke currency” because its value fluctuates based on how popular memes are at any given time.

The price for MEME rises when interest in memes increases, which means that the more something goes viral online, then there will be an increase in demand for PepeCoins (MEMEs), meaning their prices rise too. It’s like supply and demand. The exact price is impossible to predict. But since it’s lost more than 1000% of its ATH value, the future might not look so good. But on the other hand, from the bottom, you can only go up… *Do note that this isn’t in any way financial advice.

Buy Memetic PepeCoin (MEME) on these exchanges

Memetic PepeCoin Price Chart

Memetic Pepecoin (MEME) Market Cap

Memetic PepeCoin Price