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Waltonchain (WTC): How to buy Walton coin and much more

How To Buy Walton coin | The ultimate Guide To Buy WTC

Waltonchain is a cryptocurrency that combines blockchain, RFID, and IoT (Internet of Things) It has gained usage in the supply chain sector, especially for high-end clothing identification, food & drug traceability. We have written this guide to help you understand the trading and investment process. This guide will make it easy for you to trade or invest in WTC, and we have provided enough data to help make smart investment decisions. It has been created to help people understand how the world is changing around the use of technology by combining the blockchain and RFID chips to the creation of the Waltonchain system.

What is Waltonchain?

Waltonchain(WTC) is a blockchain that tracks radio-frequency identification (RFID) data throughout the supply chain. Supply chain management is one of the most prominent uses of blockchain technology. The project is named after Charlie Walton, who invented RFID technology. It’s also an acronym for Wisdom Alters Label, Trade Organization, Network. Waltoncoin is the native cryptocurrency token of the mainchain, and users can create their own tokens on subchains. The Waltonchain is not related to Walmart or the Walton family that owns that retailer. The company is in the process of adding RFID to a global supply chain network that includes NFC and QR codes, among other RFID codes.

Purchase Waltonchain With a Credit Card (WTC)

I’m sorry, this isn’t possible. But we do have a few easy options. The smoothest process to buy Walton coin (WTC) is by purchasing BTC on we do this to be able to trade our newly bought BTC to WTC straight away.

To buy WTC on you’ll need to have a Binance account and some basic funds in your wallet.

Register at Binance

To create an account, you’ll need to enter your name and email. They also ask how much time per day that you will be trading on their platform which is not mandatory. Once submitted they should send over a confirmation email with further instructions on how to proceed after signing into the site with your new credentials. Keep in mind that if this is going to be your first trade it might take anywhere from 5 minutes-24 hours before they verify the application depending on how quickly crypto exchanges operate during high volume periods.

After signing up on you will want to deposit some cryptos into your account. We chose BTC in this example.

Once the trade has been executed you will be able to see it under “Open Orders.” To go back to buying WTC, click on “Exchange” at the top menu bar. Here is where all available pairs they offer for purchase/sale are listed, as well as their current prices against each other. Ignore all of them besides BTC press “BUY”.

The trading window will pop up and ask how much you want to spend in USD. Select how many coins of WTC you want and confirm the trade.

After this process is done you should be able to see your WTC under “Funds” at the top menu straight away.

Other Ways to Buy Waltonchain

There are other options to explore: Other trading platforms that support the WTC coin. These platforms are very secure, regulated, and very reliable.

We chose a combination of Coinbase and OKEx for this method.

We still need to purchase BTC in order to trade it for WTC, but this time we buy BTC on

To buy BTC on Coinbase you need to set up a free account on exchange platform.

Register on for free crypto

You can then place a buy order for how many coins you want and it will give you the current rates. You just press “BUY” again and confirm how much USD you would like to spend in this transaction, the same process as before. But this time we have more options regarding the payment method. You can choose to do it with a credit card or bank transfer from your bank account.

When we have BTC on our Coinbase wallet is when we use OKEX’s website or app to trade them for WTC coin (WTC).

Head over to and register a new account.

Sign up on OKEx

Look up your BTC wallet address and send the BTC from Coinbase to OKEx by copying the address and pasting it into Coinbase’s “send” tab.

Once done, head right back over to and navigate to the top of their homepage and click “Markets”, you will be met by a table of various coins. Again, ignore them and search for WTC in the top right corner. Then, click “WTC/BTC” to start trading. Once done you will be able to see your WTC under the “Assets” tab in the top menu.

What drives the WaltonChain price?

Altcoins have a positive correlation with bitcoin price movements. If bitcoin price increases you would expect altcoin prices to increase. Now altcoins and bitcoin prices seem to have an independent split of altcoin prices. FUD, bad press, ban, hacking and government regulation affect altcoins’ price. The adoption of altcoins is a major influence on price increases, especially for the adoption of the coin. There is an increase in interest around the altcoin and there is an upgrade coming up, listing on trusted crypto exchanges and new partnerships formed by the coin is a big factor in price changes.

Real-world applications for Walton coin

Waltonchain could streamline the entire supply chain, from manufacturing right through to the retail experience. The technology could potentially offer benefits across a number of industries, including manufacturing, retail, and manufacturing. Waltonchain will be able to streamline supply chain operations in the real world.

The Walton Chain intends to solve the problem of counterfeiting goods through a blockchain ledger that tracks products from their original manufacturer to how they are distributed in retail stores and how they are finally sold at the end consumer level.

Companies reported $450 billion worth of counterfeit merchandise globally last year, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2017 Brand Protection Report. Of those 122 countries surveyed by EIU, an estimated 80% do not have adequate anti-counterfeit measures. Even more alarming is how just one fake product can undermine customer confidence in subsequent purchases for any company.

What is RFID technology?

RFID is already in widespread use throughout everyday life, including the e-Tag in your car. The end goal is to inexpensively improve supply chain management and stop counterfeit goods. By attaching small RFID tags with unique IDs to objects, those objects can easily be identified with information logged on the blockchain. This should allow companies to track their products on the blockchain, with the end goal being to stop the production of counterfeit goods.

Choose the Right Time and Do Your Own Research on Waltonchain(WTC)

The research will help you determine whether Waltonchain has long-term potential. To give you all the information, we recommend using several sources for your research. Read expert analysis from multiple sources and keep up with the latest news on Waltonchain. This gives you the necessary information to pinpoint favorable market opportunities and take advantage of them. Do your research so you know what you want to do to become an investor in the Waltonchain project.

Safely Storing your Waltonchain

WTC coins can be traded from crypto exchanges so you don’t need to move them to a cold storage wallet to receive them. Cold storage wallets offer the best security among wallet types. Adding 2FA to your wallet provides you with an extra layer of security. When that time comes to move the funds, you will have to use the public key to transfer the funds. Those that wish to trade the WTC coins and earn daily profits are not required to do so. For that, you should use your public key and the recipient address, your public address. The WTC coins will remain in a storage wallet until you are ready to use them.

Trade Waltonchain

Waltonchain (WTC) can be traded on a cryptocurrency exchange. Take a look at which exchanges are rated best in the game for you. Choose between hundreds of different cryptocurrencies and the best way to trade your Waltonchain.

Sell Waltonchain

Waltonchain holders can sell it for gift cards or cash to their bank accounts. It can be exchanged for gifts or for cash.

Send Waltonchain

Waltonchain can be sent to anyone with a Waltonchain address via a cryptocurrency exchange. The process is secure & effortless and easy for you to send the address to your peers. The greatest advantage of sending WTC is how fast it can be sending it from your address to another. Whether the recipient is located near you or not in the world.

Where should you store your Waltonchain (WTC)?

The safest place to store your Walton coin (WTC) is inside the wallets provided by the company. The downside to this option is that you have no ability to move your coins outside of those websites, which means if they go down or are compromised in some way, then you can lose access to them forever.

Waltonchain wallet is a desktop app for Windows and MacOS computers as well as an android mobile application available on Google Play.

You can also use third-party software like Exodus Wallet or Jaxx with their own unique set of pros and cons.

What is a hardware wallet?

A hardware wallet is a physical device that stores the user’s private keys in secure “cold storage”.

Waltonchain has released its own hardware wallet, called NOVO.

It can be used for generating and storing wallets, signing transactions offline, and even creating paper wallets to store your coins securely.

The downside of this option is how relatively new it is; there have been some comments about how easy it was to set up yet other people say they had problems with installation or running the app on MacOS computers.

There are also more expensive solutions like Ledger Nano S which retails at around $70 USD

Wrapping things up

There we go, you should now know how to buy Walton coin (WTC). No matter if you prefer to use your credit or debit card or BTC. You should now also have access to a new amazing exchange account and be ready to head straight into the crypto market. Make sure you use a secure wallet, either on the exchange or a hardware wallet.

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