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Ledger Nano X Review: Is it The Best Crypto Wallet?

Ledger Nano X Review: Is it The Best Crypto Wallet?

The Ledger Nano X is a high-end cryptocurrency hardware wallet that offers an impressive amount of features. The security of the hardware wallet, and the ability to send and receive over 1300 crypto assets and tokens, make the Nano X very popular. Ledger Nano X is Ledger’s first hardware wallet to come with a touch screen making it easier to use. The Ledger Touchscreen offers an intuitive user interface that makes interacting with the Ledger Wallet easy and straightforward.

The Ledger Nano X comes in two variants, one for storing your private keys on the device itself and another which connects wirelessly to any computer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Either way, you gain access to all of your crypto assets from anywhere at any time without the need for cables or USB connections. To make setup even more accessible, there are wizard guides available online as well as tutorial videos using live walkthroughs so help can be just around the corner when needed!

Manage 1,800+ coins and tokens

With Nano X, you can secure and manage over 1,800 coins and tokens. Including Bitcoin, the Ledger Nano X can manage Bitcoin, ETH, Ripple, XRP, Kraken, and more. Ledger Nano X also supports ERC-20 tokens.

The Ledger Wallet interface is easy to use and straightforward, with an intuitive design that makes it quick and simple for users to lock/unlock their devices or manage balances of individual currencies within Ledger Wallets.

Adding Coins to your Ledger Device

The process of adding coins to your Ledger Nano X is really simple. Ledger Wallet will show the list of coins and their respective QR codes on your Ledger device. You just need to follow the instructions for adding a new coin, which usually involves scanning the QR code with Ledger Live or using Ledgers “manage assets” feature in order to import accounts from other wallets into Ledger Wallet for those specific coins.

The process only takes about 30 seconds, so users don’t have to worry that they’ll forget any steps in-between when transferring funds over.

Ledger Nano X also comes equipped with a fingerprint scanner, as well as a dual battery system (with an RTC) so you can use it without having to plug it into anything else!

Your crypto, totally accessible

Nano X hardware wallet can be accessed via an app via the Ledger Live app. The Nano X is the first Nano X to add crypto into the network.

What is a hardware wallet?

Hardware wallets store the user’s private keys in a secure hardware device. The main principle behind hardware wallets is to provide isolation between the private key and your easy-to-hack computer or smartphone. A hardware wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that stores private keys. Hardware wallets are designed to provide protection against computer malware (e.g., viruses and trojans) and hardware hacking.

Ledger has a selection of Ledger Wallets for different devices: Ledger Nano S is the best selling product, Ledger Blue is an advanced model with a bigger screen that can run multiple apps on it at once, and lastly, Ledger Nano X which supports more crypto assets than any other previous device.

The Ledgers Wallet interface is easy to use and straightforward, with an intuitive design that makes it quick and simple for users to lock/unlock their devices or manage balances of individual currencies within Ledger Wallets.

Buy from Ledger’s Website

Ledger wallets shipped from their warehouse in France. They are shipped with DHL or Colissimo and take less than a week to arrive at your door. Whoever you ship with will be asked to sign for the delivery when your wallet arrives. Buy a Ledger wallet from the official website at [link]. The wallets are shipped one to two days after you place your order.

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Ledger Nano X Price

The Ledger Nano X is priced at $119 for a hardware wallet. It also includes free shipping to almost every country. Make sure you NEVER buy one from eBay or any other hardware wallet from the website.

Ledger Nano X Design

The design of the Ledger Nano X is impressive, to say the least. The Ledger Nano X is the most powerful Ledger device to date, with a large touchscreen and an advanced dual-chip architecture.

The Ledger Wallet interface is easy to use and straightforward, with an intuitive design that makes it quick and simple for users to lock/unlock their devices or manage balances of individual currencies within Ledger Wallets.

It also has a sleek aluminum finish which complements any environment beautifully without attracting too much attention from unwanted hands at customs when traveling internationally. It’s as close as you can get to carrying your crypto assets in your wallet without actually doing so!

Ledger’s Nano X technical specifications

The device contains a lithium-ion 100mAh battery. It is compatible with a 64-bits desktop computer (Windows 8+/macOS 10.10+ Linux) and smartphones (iOS 9+ or Android 7+) The device is not suitable for mining. It can only be used for a single USB-C device. The device has a microcontroller and USB Type-C connector for its microcontroller.

Ledger’s Nano X is compatible with Ledger Live, Ledger’s official desktop wallet interface for Ledger devices.

It has a touch screen display and includes two buttons on the side to navigate through menus or confirm transactions.

The Ledger Nano X also supports Bluetooth communication with other hardware wallets such as Google’s Smart Lock (the device can be locked securely using your smartphone) and Yubico’s FIDO Uptoken! The Nano X is powered by SEGGER OS which offers enhanced security in addition to Ledgers own bespoke technology called BOLOS – it features firmware-level protection against malware attacks including heartbleed, stack overflows, heap overflow…

How to setup you Ledger Nano X

To get started, you’ll need to download Ledger Live and install the Ledger Manager. After downloading Ledger’s official desktop interface – Ledger Live, the company has made it easy for users to both send funds from home or on the go using your mobile device.

The next step is plugging in your Nano X to sync with Ledgers server which should be available within a few minutes after connecting via USB cable. You can also use Bluetooth if that feels more convenient! Once synced (this only needs to happen once) all transaction history will be saved locally so you don’t have to worry about losing any data by restoring an old backup of the ledger wallet every time you’re connected wirelessly.

After connecting your Ledger Nano X will be ready for use!

Who is Ledger?

Ledger has sold 1.5m+ hardware wallets, has launched its enterprise solution, the Ledger Vault. The company has customers in 165 countries and has sold more than 1m hardware wallets worldwide. It launched in 2014 with eight experts with backgrounds in embedded security, cryptocurrencies and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to provide top-notch security to critical digital assets for consumers, institutional investors, and industrial companies combined with the most seamless user experience.

Has Ledger ever been hacked?

Ledger’s e-commerce customer database was hacked. Emails and addresses were leaked, and what they had ordered was also leaked. No user has ever reported a device being compromised in the real world by an attacker who was not able to social engineer someone to open it for them. On July 29, 2020, Ledger sent out an email to all previous customers that began, “Our e-commerce and marketing database leaked. We immediately fixed the breach. Your funds are safe. To be clear, this breach did not affect any customer funds held on Ledger devices. This was a breach of Ledger’s e-commerce client database. For the most part, addresses and ordering details were leaked.”


There are no official sellers on eBay and it is not worth the risk of buying from an unofficial source. Scammers are going to scam the Ledger Nano, especially if they tampered with the wallet before they send it out.

Ledger no longer uses anti-tampering seals, since it’s easy to counterfeit them. Instead, Ledger has opted to provide software tools to verify if the hardware is genuine.

Wrapping things up – Final Verdict

The Ledger wallets offer an all-in-one solution complete with the hardware wallet, ledger live desktop app, mobile app, and the option to use it as a software wallet with great support for new coins.

If you are looking for an awesome new hardware wallet, you are on the right path. Ledger hardware wallets are if not the best, at least the second-best hardware wallets on the market. You can’t go wrong with the Ledger Nano X if you ask us.

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Ledger Nano X FAQ

Is it safe to buy Ledger Nano X from Amazon?

Amazon Ledger Nano X’s are safe for purchase. Just make sure you purchase Ledger Nano X from the official store and not a random company that might sell tampered units.

Is the Ledger Nano X safe?

Yes, Ledger Nano X is safe. Ledgers are very secure and tamper proof hardware wallets that keep your crypto coins safe from hackers or other attackers who might be looking to steal your valuable assets.

What does Ledger Nano X do?

Ledger Nano X is a cryptocurrency wallet for storing private keys in digital form on the device itself so they can’t be attacked by malware if you’re using it wirelessly instead of with USB cable sync like many people do!

Can Ledgers get hacked?

No, because Ledgers provide such good security measures that not even skilled computer experts could hack into them without extreme difficulty! This makes it easy for newbies to store their cryptocurrencies safely too.