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Where can I buy Navcoin? – A Comprehensive Guide to Navcoin and How it Works

Where can I buy Navcoin? - A Comprehensive Guide to Navcoin and How it Works

Where can I buy NavCoin and what it is – NavCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was created in 2014 and has since grown to become one of the top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies. Navcoin is open-source, meaning that it’s entire community-driven with no centralized leadership. It’s also completely self-funding which means there are no outside influences on how the coin operates or what direction it goes in. This makes NavCoin an incredibly secure cryptocurrency as there are virtually zero chances of being hacked, unlike other coins like Bitcoin which have had many problems over the years with cyberattacks from all sorts of people including nation-states.

Who created Navcoin?

Navcoin was created in 2014 by a developer named Alex who still remains anonymous to this day. The community wasn’t happy with the idea of him remaining anonymous and proposed that he should instead become known as Roger Ver if he wanted their support, but they never heard back from him on this offer.

The coin has since grown in popularity thanks to its self-funded nature which means there are no outside influences dictating what happens with the coin or how it operates – making NavCoin one of the most secure cryptocurrencies out there. Another reason for its growth is because you can get paid up to 20% interest per year when keeping your coins on an online wallet called ‘easywallet’.

What is Navcoin used for?

Navcoin is a cryptocurrency that is used to pay for goods and services. It can also be mined by your computer, but it will take many years before you start earning rewards from mining due to how difficult the process has become with increased competition.

You may have heard of bitcoin – while there are some similarities between these two cryptocurrencies, Navcoiin differs in a few ways:

It uses ‘Navtech’ which means all transactions made through this coin are anonymous so no one knows who sent or received coins at any point. This helps ensure privacy when making payments and keeps people safe from fraudsters looking to steal money

Where can I buy NavCoin / How to buy Navcoin?

Step 1. Register on Coinbase and get $10 free

Register on for free crypto

Registering to buy Navcoin is very easy – you can do it through the link below which is Once you have created your account, make sure that you click on ‘buy/sell’ and then select bitcoin. You will need a credit card or bank account linked up to your agreement with Coinbase in order for this process to work

Coinbase has an excellent reputation as one of the most secure exchanges but remembers that their customer service is not always helpful so try everything possible before contacting them

Step 2. Buy BTC with fiat on

Buy BTC with your credit card or your bank account through Coinbase. One way to buy BTC is by going to the ‘buy/sell’ page, and then clicking on bitcoin

To ensure that you are buying bitcoins at a good price it’s best to use limit orders rather than market orders because with market order there’s no guarantee of what price Bitcoin will be when you get around to having it delivered so if instead, you place a limit order this will let Coinbase know how much USD or GBP (etc) worth of Bitcoins you want for example – 100 US dollars.

Step 3. Transfer your BTC to

Register at Binance

If you don’t already have a Binance account, go to the top right corner and click “Register”.

Once logged in, select ‘Funds’ from the main drop-down menu. You will then be able to use BTC or ETH (or both) as your currency for trading with other coins on this platform

Click on deposit/withdrawals and then find Bitcoin under “Bitcoin Wallet.” It should show an address that is associated with your Coinbase wallet where you can transfer bitcoins too. In order to do so just copy the long string of numbers available there into coinbase’s send funds page and type out how many bitcoin you want to be sent over – make sure you confirm before sending! This will usually take anywhere between a few minutes to an hour depending on the current state of the blockchain.

Step 4. Trade your BTC for Navcoin on

Trade your BTC for NAV directly on Binance by going to BTC Markets and searching for NAV.

Then just buy the amount of NAV that you want by using your Bitcoin balance

Once you’ve done so, navigate to “Funds” -> “Balances.” Your Navcoin should now be ready in a separate tab called “NAVCoin (NAV)” under Balances. You can trade it with other coins on Binance as per usual or withdraw it back into an external wallet like Coinbase!

Wrapping things up

Navcoin (NAV) is a cryptocurrency that was designed to be fast and easy for the everyday person. It has been referred to as “Bitcoin-Lite” since it shares many of Bitcoin’s principles but without having any sort of fees or transaction limits. For those looking for an alternative coin with high potential, this could be one worth considering! You can buy NAV by first registering on Coinbase and using your $10 in free credit. Once you have registered, go ahead and purchase BTC through their system before trading them on an altcoin exchange like Binance where they are available at a low price. If you want more information about buying cryptocurrencies from Coinbase read our blog post here! Are you going to buy it? If not, why not?

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