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Where to Buy InfiniteCoin and Why It’s the Future of Crypto

Where to Buy InfiniteCoin and Why It’s the Future of Crypto

Where to buy InfiniteCoin and what is it?InfiniteCoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency, is the future of crypto. With an exciting new blockchain-based technology and the potential to become the first mainstream coin where sending transactions is free, InfiniteCoin has shown promise where other coins have failed. The best place to buy InfiniteCoin right now is (since is in liquidation) where you can also sell your InfiniteCoins for more than 100 different cryptocurrencies! If you’re looking where to buy InfiniteCoin or want to learn more about this incredible currency that’s taking over Bitcoin and Ethereum as one of the most popular altcoins in existence – read on!

What is InfiniteCoin?

Infinitecoin, also known as IFC or InfiniteCoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency that was launched in late 2013. It’s one of the few cryptocurrencies where sending transactions doesn’t have any fees attached to them and this makes it an attractive prospect for investors who are looking where to buy InfiniteCoin. The coin has its own blockchain which means it operates independently from other coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum – but still shares many similarities with these popular currencies such as being SegWit enabled!

Why is InfiniteCoin useful?

Fees for sending transactions with IFC are zero, making it an attractive prospect where to buy InfiniteCoin. Compared to Bitcoin fees of upwards of 40 GBP per transaction and Ethereum where the average fee is a little over $0.20 USD – this makes InfiniteCoin feel like a breath of fresh air!

Where to buy InfiniteCoin?

InfiniteCoin is tradeable at, the biggest exchange where InfiniteCoin was earlier was, but due to Cryptopia being under liquidation we have to buy our InfiniteCoin at

How to buy InfiniteCoin on

Signup at crex24

  1. Open a free Crex24 account: CLICK HERE
  2. Buy Bitcoins on an exchange like Coinbase or Binance (all of the above accept bank transfers and credit card payments). If you don’t have cryptos, use your credit card to buy them from one of those exchanges. The important point is that you need to go through a KYC verification process on these exchanges in order to be able to withdraw cryptos out of them when buying ICN tokens.
  3. Transfer BTC to your bitcoin wallet address or just leave it in your exchange account, it’s up to you.
  4. Go to Crex24 and register on their website if you don’t have an account already: CLICK HERE
  5. Select BTC in the currency dropdown menu at the top of the screen (or select any other crypto, but be aware that if you use ETH or any other altcoin than BTC – there will be a conversion fee applied):
  6. Search for ICN in the search box below and click on “ICN” in order to go to its trading page:
  7. You can see now that currently 1BTC is traded for 14190 ICN tokens:
  8. If you want to buy let’s say 1000 ICN tokens, enter the amount in bitcoins (for example 0.78 BTC) you want to spend and click “Buy”:
  9. After you have clicked “Buy” a new box will appear below where you need to put your cryptocurrency wallet address (ICN default address is CZbY1vnUe5HVMEgrTbgjSmL94dJ4PW3sdu), this is where we’re sending our coins so Crex24 has no access to them after they are sent there! Also make sure that the send-to-address is correct because that’s where your ICN tokens will go after you complete the order.
  10. After we put our wallet address and double-checked if all of the information is correct, click “Send transaction”. Your coins will be sent directly to Crex24 from your exchange. Once they arrive – you’ll see them in your account on Crex24!
  11. Now go back to the trading page by clicking on “ICN”
  12. You can now see that 0.78 BTC has been added to our available balance and it is ready to trade for ICN tokens:
  13. If we now scroll down a little bit until the very end of the page (on this particular example) you can see the price drops to 26.6 ICN tokens per 0.01 BTC (which would mean that if I wanted to buy 1000 ICN tokens, I’d need to send 2.66 BTC and not 0.78). You can get a better bargain when buying this way because like on any other exchange, there’s an order book where sellers place their orders(for how many ICN they want to sell for a certain amount of bitcoins) and trades happen once someone is willing to accept those offers:

And there we have it, you now have access to your new InfiniteCoin and know how to buy InfiniteCoin.

What is is a crypto exchange where you can buy or sell InfiniteCoin. When trading on Crex24, there are no transfer fees for deposits and withdrawals of both BTC and LTC – where as some exchanges will charge a hefty fee to withdraw your coins out!

Crex24 also offers high security where it doesn’t store any passwords in plain text format, meaning that hackers cannot steal them from the server. If they did hack into the system, two-factor authentication would be needed every time an admin logs in using Google Authenticator or Authy app

The team is working 24/hours per day to ensure maximum uptime with 99% up-time so far.

Is it better to mine or purchase InfiniteCoins?

It’s a common misconception that InfiniteCoin is mined. The coin has no mining process, and instead was launched with an initial finite supply. There are two ways to purchase infinitecoins:

-Buying directly on the litecoin or bitcoin blockchain where it trades for high prices in relative terms because of its rarity

– Buying from other traders

Where can I store my InfiniteCoins

The best place to store your InfiniteCoins is where you can have complete access to them. On a desktop wallet, this could be something such as Jaxx or Exodus (both of which support both BTC and LTC).

Some people also prefer hardware wallets like Trezor or KeepKey for extra protection – don’t let the fact that they cost more put you off!

If on a mobile device then Coinomi would be one option out there where it supports many different coins including ETH and ERC-20 tokens too

The best thing about Crex24’s inbuilt ‘Coin Swap’ feature though is that when listings are no longer available on any exchanges, all trades will get canceled automatically without users having to worry about anything at all!

Wrapping things up

The benefits of investing in InfiniteCoin are many, but the most important is that there is no limit to how much you can buy. If you want a cryptocurrency with potential for growth and market penetration, then it’s time to invest in InfiniteCoin.

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