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Where to buy LiteCoin Ultra and what is it?

Where to buy LiteCoin Ultra and what is it?

It has been a while since I heard the name LiteCoin Ultra. I first found out about it on YouTube, where one of my favorite YouTubers was talking about how they were going to buy some and see where it would go. Litecoin Ultra is an altcoin that’s not too popular but also not very old like many other coins. It uses the same algorithm as Bitcoin and Ethereum called SHA-256 so if you’re looking for something new, then this might be for you! Let’s take a look at where to buy LiteCoin Ultra, what is lite coin ultra, and what makes it different from other cryptocurrencies?

What is LiteCoin Ultra LTCU?

LiteCoin Ultra is an altcoin that uses the same algorithm as Bitcoin, LiteCoin and Ethereum called SHA-256. Its main purpose is to be a faster version of these cryptos but it’s also more decentralized which means that mining LiteCoin Ultra will not require expensive equipment. It was designed with the intention of being ASIC resistant so everyone can get involved in mining without having to worry about buying high-end hardware or paying huge electricity bills just to mine LiteCoinUltra LTCU! Let’s take a look at where you can buy LTCU on exchanges and what are its advantages over other currencies?

Where to buy LiteCoin Ultra LTCU?

As of now LiteCoinUltra is only sold and traded on exchange. So if you want to get your hands on some LTCU you’ll have to trade them for Bitcoin or Ethereum first where they are available and then trade the cryptocurrency with LiteCoinUltra.

You can buy Litecoin Ultra on YoBit exchange by trading it for other cryptocurrencies, like ETH, BTC, etc.,

How to buy LiteCoin Ultra on Yobit a step by step guide

First, you need to buy crypto (if you already have cryptocurrencies skip to the next step) in order to do that, read or guide “How to buy crypto with a credit/debit card” This also includes bank transfers.

Register on for free crypto

How to buy LTCU on Yobit with BTC/ETH?

1.Sign up at YoBit here: 

sign up at yobit

2.Now that you are logged in, click “Markets” on the left side of the screen and then “LTCU/BTC”, here you will see all info that you need to buy the desired coin.

3.The first thing that you notice is how much LTCU costs, it’s 0.000009 BTC for one token at this moment so 1 LTCU = 0.0000009 BTC (0.000001 ETH)

4.On top of your screen, there are 2 input fields, one with BTC on it and another with ETH. You need to click both of these fields and copy their respective addresses into a text document(notepad, notepad++, or any application that allows copying). This address is where you deposit your BTC or ETH.

5.Then you need to go back to your Coinbase account (in this example we will use Coinbase as our main exchange) and click “Accounts” on the dropdown menu, Then click on withdraw BTC option, copy the address for it as well into a text document(don’t forget to do this with ETH too). You will be using this address which can have a different name if you used Coinbase multiple times.

6.Then go back to Yobit and paste both addresses and fill in the exact amount of BTC/ETH you want to buy

7.Click withdraw and you will get a message saying that your withdrawal was successful, but that’s not true because you didn’t fill in the TxID number which can be seen on the bottom bar of Yobit, so now copy it into your text document(the one with BTC address) and replace them both with each other like this:

8.After that go back to Yobit and press confirm the withdrawal, here you have an option either to click Confirm or cancel, if you chose to cancel then you need to repeat all these steps again, if you’ve chosen Confirm then hit send (make sure that input fields for BTC/ETH wallet addresses are filled in correctly and the amount is set to 0.001, if you made a mistake, Yobit will show an error message)

9.After that wait for the transaction to be confirmed. This usually takes less than 10 minutes but can take longer. When your transaction is confirmed and shows up on then it’s safe to open another tab or browser window where you have your text document with BTC address in it, copy the TXID number here again like this:

10.Go back to Yobit and press Withdraw again, enter TXID number and then type 0 (zero) into the amount input field (you won’t receive anything from this so just type 0 ) then click withdraw. For security reasons I’d recommend changing your password after every withdrawal (but don’t change it to the same password you use on other websites).

11.Once your withdrawal is confirmed(some minutes later) then it’s time to go back to your text document with BTC address in it and copy that address from there (not TXID number!) here:

12.Go back to yobit again, press Trade and then “New Order” , enter the amount of LTCU that you want to buy, and press Buy (make sure that the input field for BTC wallet address is filled in correctly with your actual BTC address copied from Coinbase)

And there we go, you now know how to buy LTCU

What is Yobit crypto exchange? is established in 2014 where you can trade Litecoin Ultra and other cryptocurrencies. The site is considered one of the top-tier exchanges in the world.

Pros and Cons of Yobit Exchange

The exchange has a few pros and cons where the obvious benefit is that it accepts USD deposits. To get your hands on some LTCU you’ll have to trade them for Bitcoin or Ethereum first where they are available and then trade the cryptocurrency with LiteCoinUltra. There is also no fees applied when withdrawing cryptocurrencies from Yobit.

Yobit’s negative side is not as many altcoins listed, which makes trading more difficult. The site can be slow at times because of heavy traffic volume.

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